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What it is: 
Qod Max Silver is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, containing an advanced formula for straight hair effect.

What it does:
QOD MAX SILVER’S improved formula was developed with key ingredients, like a blend of acid proteins that guarantee straight effect and unique shine, resulting in an incomparable hair treatment. Its violet pigment protect blonds, blanched and highlighted hairs avoiding the color fading and the yellowish effect.

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  1. 1- Wash hair twice with QOD Original Cleanse and dry hair enough to remove 80% of water.
  2. 2- Part hair in sections. Apply QOD Max Silver with a color brush, section by section, ¼ inch from the root.
  3. 3- Let it sit according to the type/history of hair (from 20 minutes for fine, wavy hair to 50 minutes for thick, coarse tight curls.
  4. 4- Rinse hair off with warm water. Blow dry and section hair for flat iron (230 celsius).
  5. *Wait 48 hours for first wash.

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